The Freeway Game: Learning About Externalities

If you are looking for a fun and engaging classroom activity to help students come to grips with the abstract concept of externality, you're in luck! The Freeway Game was created precisely for that purpose. The backdrop for the game is the common problem faced by people having to commute to a large city via a freeway subject to congestion during peak hours. When playing the game, students repeatedly make decisions without consideration for the impact of their decisions on other players. Such a behavior causes congestion. Playing the game sets the stage for a meaningful discussion of the problems associated with externalities (e.g., congestion, pollution, excessive consumption of resources, too little investments in education or R&D), and how such problems could be alleviated.

The Freeway Game is freely available here.

To obtain the accompanying teaching note, or for questions about the Freeway game, send an email to François.

Visual Anova: Understanding the F-ratio

Visual ANOVA is a Mathematica® animation designed to illustrate the effect on the statistical F-ratio of changes in the group means and standard deviations in a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with four groups of 10 subjects each. Visual ANOVA is a free and open source Wolfram demonstrations project. Click here to use Visual ANOVA.